We have developed a Cutting Edge Environmental Technology that employs the Laws of Physics, to affect the chemistry of water and other fluids in such a way, that scale causing dissolved solids in these fluids, change from a dissolved state into suspension. This is a technology, whereby we can treat and condition water, other fluids and their systems, without the use of energy or chemicals solving a major problem related to water and contributing to a healthier environment.


The technology removes all existing scale, rust and other contaminants that build-up in pipelines, heat exchangers, cooling towers, and all other equipments that use water, oil or gas. The applications are absolutely NON INVASIVE therefore the pipelines do not require additional plumbing. Once installed, our systems require absolutely no maintenance or power source. The life span of the equipment is unknown but, if not tampered physically, it will last for a very long time (19 years proven so far).

In municipal supplies, use of EcoBeam XL systems releases the dissolved solids (usually existing as bi carbonates) from the clusters of water molecules. These carbonates can be removed through membranes or precipitated extremely quickly through slake lime or sodium carbonate. The system also reduces permanent hardness, while improving the efficiency of resins, and reducing the times for flocculation/ precipitation to practicable limits.

Some of the remarkable effects are:- 


         Removal of already existing scale.

         Elimination of scale build-up.

         Quicker and more economical heat exchange

         Improved permeation of membranes facilitating desalination.

         Softness behavior of water.

         Economy in use of soaps, shampoos, dyes and detergents.

         Deposit free pre-washes before painting metallic surfaces.

         Increased curing / bonding of cement concrete mixtures from 50-120%.

         Prevention of corrosion in pipe lines and equipment

         Magnetically structured potable water

         Magnetically structured water for fish ponds resulting in healthier fish

         Improved agriculture out puts in kitchen gardens and large farms.


Ultra Filtration application in Singapore, Reverse Osmosis Plant in Indonesia and Municipal Water Treatment Systems with EcoBeam XL in Thailand


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  • Our  Vision and Mission
    Eco Tech operates in the wide range of water treatment and fuel combustion systems with the philosophy of being environmentally friendly and efficient.
    We have operations in over 26 countries. Recently we have also expanded to Scandinavia and Middle East.





    Ecotech process and water solutions offer technologies throughout the world to improve the quality of drinking water and the water that is critical to essential industrial processes like chemical processing, power generation and the manufacturing of food and pharmaceuticals.




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