Control of Biological Growth


Slime (a gelatinous organic growth) and algae (a green moss) may develop in the cooling tower and their presence can interfere with cooling efficiencies. Proprietary compounds are available from water treatment companies for the control of slime and /or algae. Chlorine and chlorine containing compounds are effective algaecides and slimicides, but excess chlorine can damage wood and other organic materials of construction. Sometimes chlorine is added intermittently (shock treatment), and only as frequently as necessary to control slime and algae. Residual levels of free chlorine should not exceed one part per million parts of water (1 ppm). Chlorine or chlorine containing compounds must be added carefully, since very high levels of chlorine will occur at or near the point of entry into the circulating water system, causing a localized reduction of pH and resultant corrosion.

The use of EcoBeam XL helps reduce the biological growth levels in water and sustained application inhibits it.




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