Corrosion Control


The metals utilized in a cooling tower are susceptible to corrosion in varying degrees.

This is often true of even the most sophisticated metals although they can usually withstand deeper excursions into the realm of corrosion and for longer periods of time than can the more standard metals.

Circulating water having corrosion characteristics beyond those anticipated in the towers design requires treatment. This may be due to high oxygen content, carbon dioxide, low pH or the contact of dissimilar metals. Where correction of the source of trouble cannot readily be made various treatment compounds may be used as inhibitors which act to build and maintain a protective film on the metal parts. Since most water system corrosion occurs as a result of electrolytic action an increase in the dissolved solids increases the conductivity and the corrosion potential. This is

particularly true of the chloride and sulphate ions. Therefore, blow down is a very useful tool in the fight against corrosion.

The use of EcoBeam XL removes and inhibits corrosion.



Compressor Heat Exchange Tubes in Japan before and after installation of
EcoBeam XL


Heat Exchange shell at Sangar USA before and after installation of
EcoBeam XL



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