Non Chemical Conditioning and Treatment
of Water

These are hermetically sealed MHD Systems of powerful, permanent magnetic units arranged in a proprietary arrangement, to produce a CONCENTRATED BEAM of High Gauss Magnetic Flux. In a normal magnetic arrangement, the magnetic lines of flux travel in elliptical path from North to South on the outside of the Magnet. Consequently, the maximum strength is at the North and South Poles of the magnet and is therefore weak and not perpendicular to the flow of fluids. In our patented technology, these lines within the magnet flow in a parallel arrangement from south to north.

In ECOBEAM XL, the lines of magnetic flux have been designed to converge into a Magnetic Beam, and when arranged as a necklace around a pipe to form parallel magnetic lines of south and north running inside the MHD System and outside it
, as if the pipe was a single magnet. By installing the necklace of ECOBEAM XL System on the outside of a pipe which carries a conductive flow, a perpendicular force of a dense magnetic flux is created through the walls of the pipe that acts on the moving charged particles (dissolved and suspended solids) in the fluid, to separate the negatively and positively charged particles, thereby polarizing them. The high levels of induction and variance of each ECOBEAM XL creates high ultrasonic frequencies, which in turn produce ion exchange.
This breaks/alters the structure of molecular clusters of water that bond these dissolved solids, and the crystalline patterns from rhombic to orthorhombic crystals (spiny microscopic soft sludge). During the ion exchange process, some scale-forming compounds such as carbonates of calcium and magnesium, sulphates, sulphides, chlorates, chlorides, heavy metal compounds and silicates lose their 'Zeta Potential Bond' and are released as a colloidal suspension in the flow stream and trapped by the multi media filter. 

Laboratory testing has also shown that this process also activates colloidal silica, which will adsorb calcium, magnesium or metal ions and then precipitate them from the solution as the coagulated agglomerate.

Once the iron compounds change from the ferrous to the ferric state, they also attract arsenic, thereby precipitating it. In laboratory experiments, 60% reduction in arsenic was recoded simply through this method.


During the physical ion exchange process a hydrogen atom is released from the water molecule. This hydrogen atom plates out on the adjacent surfaces of the pipe and the equipments to prevent corrosion and scaling of the system. As the system is ground negative, hydroxyl ions form perceptible solids, while free oxygen ions are consumed in neutralizing anaerobic bacteria, algae and converting ferrous to ferric compounds. As a result the drinking water is: -


The structure of molecular clusters of water is altered, making them smaller, magnetically energized and hence more permeable through stomach walls for hydration. This means less water being consumed with reduced load on kidneys. The water has very good health effects. UNDP is in a process of authorizing a study by the University of Cranford, to document these effects, so as to recommend the use of such water for children in backward areas.


Some other effects of the structured water are:-

Fish farms in Japan produced dramatic effects on the size and health of fish.

The water is more infra red permeable and reduces boiling time thereby saving on fuels.

Water is more resistant to bacterial contamination like rotting.



  • Our  Vision and Mission
    Eco Tech operates in the wide range of water treatment and fuel combustion systems with the philosophy of being environmentally friendly and efficient.
    We have operations in over 26 countries. Recently we have also expanded to Scandinavia and Middle East.





    Ecotech process and water solutions offer technologies throughout the world to improve the quality of drinking water and the water that is critical to essential industrial processes like chemical processing, power generation and the manufacturing of food and pharmaceuticals.




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