We bring a wide range of technical assistance built around sound scientific expertise with proven track records. Our patented technology of Magneto Hydro Dynamics (MHD), remains as the cutting edge world over.

Through this application we provide non chemical treatment and conditioning of water, other fluids, and their operating systems for industrial and home use. The system is non invasive and requires no energy. It is maintenance free and exponentially reduces recurring costs.

The mainstay of our technology is the Science of Magnetic Beam Optics in which a very strong magnetic flux is focused into a flowing stream of water, fluid, gas and pulverized solid fuels. It changes the way crystals and molecular clusters form, thus preventing the formation of scales, rust, corrosion, biological fouling, algae, bacteria and other forms of contaminants in a fluid or gas.

We also specialize in all field of water Treatment from Multi Media Filtration to selective removal of contaminants like Arsenic, Nitrites, TOC, and Municipal Water Supplies to Sea Water Desalination. We also process ultra pure water for pharmaceutical use and Secondary Oil Recovery.

  • Our  Vision and Mission
    Eco Tech operates in the wide range of water treatment and fuel combustion systems with the philosophy of being environmentally friendly and efficient.
    We have operations in over 26 countries. Recently we have also expanded to Scandinavia and Middle East.





    Ecotech process and water solutions offer technologies throughout the world to improve the quality of drinking water and the water that is critical to essential industrial processes like chemical processing, power generation and the manufacturing of food and pharmaceuticals.




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